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  • Thomas Veeman

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    Hello! My name is Thomas, and I have returned to my true passion in therapy after a decade as an entrepreneur and corporate leadership trainer. In life, the strategies that worked to survive a past context often block the flow of happiness in our present lives. I work with couples, families, and individuals to help unlock that joyful, present-moment version of ourselves.

    My toolbox draws from Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, and especially Internal Family Systems. I believe in the power of the mind to reframe the meanings we attribute to events and to unlock energizing new paths of action that help us shine. A meditator for twenty years, my work involves the body as an archive of experiences and a well-spring of wisdom.

    Clinically, I have worked with adolescents in wilderness therapy in Arizona, and with Mexican families in the Tepito barrio in Mexico City. In the business world, I developed executive coaching programs, and taught conflict resolution and emotional intelligence worldwide. When not working, I enjoy climbing mountains, and running.

    I am a Marriage and Family Therapy Associate (#R9421) in the State of Oregon, hold an MA in Counseling Psychology from Alliant University, an MBA from Cornell University, and a certificate in Latin American Family Therapy. I speak fluent English, Spanish, and German, and I am happy to conduct our work in any combination of these languages. I promise to create a space that is supportive of disenfranchised persons anywhere- be this due to gender identity, LGBTQ identity, socio-economic identity, racial identity, immigration-status, addiction shame, or any other factor.

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