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  • About Us

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    Mission Statement

    • We are a small mental health group practice who provides a wide array of therapeutic services to cater to each individual based on where they are in their life. We recognize there is no “one size fits all” approach to mental health therapy and we pride ourselves at our unique approach to each individual.

    • We serve clients from ages 4 to 80 YO who are willing to go through their trauma/issues not around it, look at themselves and make necessary changes to live the life they want.

    • We serve all Oregon

    • We value inclusion, values, honesty, respect, integrity and loyalty

    • We have a state of the art HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Records System, our system is user friendly with the ability to access health records through the portal. We pride ourselves in speaking to an actual person during business hours and less than 24 hour returned calls.

    • Our employees feel valued and supported. We have an open-door policy, we are open to feedback, we offer leadership opportunities, provided trainings & licensure renewal

    • We are a Trauma-Informed practice, specializing in all modalities, all cultures, ethnicities & LGBTQIA