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  • Failure to Launch Therapy in Eugene, OR

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    Navigating the transition to adulthood can be challenging for both young adults and their families. When a young adult struggles to achieve independence, this is often referred to as “Failure to Launch.” At Joyful Living Behavioral Health, we specialize in providing failure to launch therapy to support young adults in Eugene, Oregon, who are facing these challenges. 

    What is Failure to Launch? 

    Failure to Launch is characterized by difficulties in becoming financially, emotionally, and physically independent from parents. This can manifest in various ways, such as difficulty finding and maintaining employment, lack of motivation to pursue personal goals, or continued reliance on parents for daily needs. 

    Common signs that you or your young adult might be struggling with Failure to Launch syndrome and could benefit from therapy include: 

    • Difficulty achieving developmental milestones 
    • Over-dependence on parents 
    • Lack of motivation or direction 
    • Struggles with planning and executing daily tasks 

    What Causes Failure to Launch Syndrome? 

    Several factors can contribute to Failure to Launch and require therapy, including economic barriers, mental health challenges like anxiety or depression, over-parenting, and a lack of necessary life skills. Each situation is unique, and it’s essential to understand the underlying causes of Failure to Launch syndrome to provide effective support, including therapy. 

    How Failure to Launch Therapy Can Help 

    At Joyful Living, our experienced therapists provide tailored interventions to help young adults develop the skills and confidence needed to achieve independence. Our approach includes: 

    • Individual therapy to address personal challenges 
    • Life skills training to enhance daily functioning and self-sufficiency 
    • Career counseling to provide personalized guidance and support  

    Failure to Launch affects not only the individual but also their family. Parents often feel frustration, helplessness, and concern over their child’s lack of progress. At Joyful Living, we recognize the importance of addressing these family dynamics through family counseling to create a supportive environment for the young adult’s growth. 

    Embrace Independence With Failure to Launch Therapy 

    If you or your young adult is struggling with Failure to Launch syndrome, professional help is a call or click away. Contact Joyful Living in Eugene, OR, to learn more about our therapy services for Failure to Launch, so you or your child can get on track toward an independent and fulfilling career and life.