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  • April Clark

    Welcome! I am an LPC-Associate trained in a program for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists with an emphasis in Depth (Jungian-influenced) Psychology through Pacifica Graduate Institute, where I graduated in 2010. I began my internship in Boise Idaho in 2008 working with a variety of individuals and families, and then I made my way to Eugene in 2012 where I have continued to provide therapeutic services to children, teens, adults, and families. While I pull from a variety of theories in my work (Jungian, Rogerian, Attachment, Psychoanalytic, Narrative, and Expressive Arts Therapies), and I use various skills-based approaches in session (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Play/Sandtray Therapy, and EMDR), I strongly believe that it is the therapeutic relationship, not the framework utilized, that truly helps people. I have been strongly influenced by the work of Bruce Perry, Gabor Mate, Terrence Real, Deborah Gray, and David Kessler. My goal in meeting new clients is to provide a safe space for individuals of all ages, identities, and backgrounds to feel seen and supported in their therapeutic experience.

    Much of my professional experience has been with children, teens, and families, but I enjoy working with a large variety of people seeking therapy for a variety of reasons. I have certifications from PSU in Therapy for Foster and Adoptive Families as well as Therapeutic LifeStory work. Additionally, I have a passion for helping people heal their relationships with food and body-image, and I have experience working with a variety of Eating Disorders. Learning from Annita Johnston, Carolyn Costin, and Sonya Renee Taylor, and incorporating my background in art and creative writing, I have developed my own unique approach to getting to the core of the eating and body issues that get in the way of practicing self compassion and self love. Having several teachers in my family, education is fundamental to me, and I am always trying to learn more to better assist my clients as well as better understand myself and the world where we all live. I spend my personal time reading, writing, creating art, and spending time with my daughter, my friends, and my pets, especially my many chickens.